Who we are?

Wilebat, S.L. is a company with recognised professionals in the secondary lead sector, with more than 15 years experience in it.
Their main activities are:

1Import and recovery of different kinds of battery scrap and lead raw materials: scraps and derivatives.

2Sale of Remelted Lead, Pure lead and alloys in all kind of shapes: Ingots, bundles, pieces to measure, etc.

3Import and recovery of plastics, mainly coming from battery recycling: Polypropylene and in some ocassions Polyethylene and others.

4Advising and investments in lead in London Metal Exchange.

5Survey and certification of loads and unloading.

In spite of being a recently created company, in 2014 Wilebat, S.L. has moved more than 3.000 tonnes of products, having contracts for 2015 in place to double that quantity.
The quality guaranteed of the produtcs supplied is always certificated, which makes Wilebat is a fundamental supplier in the secondary lead market with a potential business development which foresee in the medium term an anual volumen of 20.000 Tonnes of materials.